R Washers has been building custom pressure washers for the industrial market in Houston since the 1980s. R Washers builds rigid equipment.  We used to only manufacture hot water diesel 5000 PSI 5 GPM pressure washers for the industrial market, but have shifted into also carrying the 8 gallon per minute gas powered market.  A common unit built by us was a Kubota diesel engine pressure washer (a Kohler diesel engine pressure washer is optional).  We now mostly build pressure washers with the Honda GX690 and Kohler CH730.  The majority of our frames are either aluminum or stainless steel which produces less oxidation than carbon steel frames. 

This 3500 PSI 8 GPM pressure washer is our most popular unit in 2022-2023.  It is gear driven with a Honda EFI iGX800, AR XWAM8G35 pump mounted on our custom aluminum frame that we manufacture in Kemah.  See more of our cold water options at WashMart.com


This 3000 PSI 5.5 GPM pressure washer is one of our more popular hot water units that has a stainless steel frame, with an aluminum sub frame.  This particular unit is gear driven with a Kohler CH440 (key start), AR RKA55G30 pump, Schedule 80 coil in a stainless wrap with a 12 volt ADC Beckett Burner.  This pressure washer is extremely compact and could be mounted in the bed of a pick up. View our hot box options at WashMart.com